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I am going to discuss about a mega typers data entry website which help mostly for newbies. If you are looking for part time online job and if you don’t have much knowledge in online earning programs then it is better to try this mega typers data entry program in the initial stage. You don’t need to have much knowledge any special skills to work for mega typers online job. You only need to have typing skills of ten words per minute and computer with an internet connection.
You don’t have any work pressure or targets for this data entry program and you can work at your free time daily. If you want to work online daily one hour, then you can work only one hour daily online. If you want to work as full time data entry operator then you can work as per your wish and you don’t have any conditions for timings in this mega typers online job. I myself tried this program and upto now mega typers data entry website is paying honestly to all members as per their payment schedule. Some of our team members are still working and earning from
Mega typers is online data entry management company providing part time and full time online jobs for its workers and it is having clients online who provides regular work. Mega typers will distribute these data entry program work to its workers and you must join as a worker and work as per their requirements. Their client requirements include different types of data entry programs like converting image to text, transcription program and online visual challenges program. You can signup free in megatypers and start working immediately in the same day of registration. Mega typers rates are most convincing when comparing with other online data entry websites.

Megatypers rate plan and payment details:
Mega typers pays you different rates at different time intervals and it will be changed from time to time. You can see these rate plans in your account page and you can work at the time of highest paying hours to earn more. Mega typers minimum rate plan is 0.45 dollars per 1000 words typed and it will pay you upto 1.5 dollars for 1000 words. If you can type atleast thirty words per minute then you can earn minimum five dollars daily as part time and eight to ten dollars daily working full time. They pay you money on every Monday and you must reach atleast minimum three dollars to get your payout. Reaching three dollars is not so hard, and you can reach the minimum payout amount in the first day itself and get payout in the first week itself. You are having different types of payment processors to choose in which account you want to get your money every week. While registering in the mega typers you must choose it and you can’t change it later. Megatypers pays to PayPal, Payza, debit cards, bank transfer and also western union. We have already discussed about PayPal and Payza in other posts, to know more details about PayPal read that posts. If you choose western union then you must reach minimum hundred dollars or else money will be carry forwarded for the next payout date. You don’t find any request payout button in mega typers, they will pick the payments automatically who reaches three dollars before Monday and send the payments manually to their payment processors.
While working in mega typers you must be very carefull, you will have fifteen seconds of time to enter each word and if you don’t submit before the timer expires then the system will kick out the worker for fifteen minutes. Then after you can start your work again, if you get more than ten kick outs in a day then your account will get ban permanently. To register in megatypers you must need a sign up code. Without having this code you can sign up and the system won’t accept your registration. To register in mega typers online data entry job use the following code and you can start your work immediately after successful registration.
Megatypers sign up code for registration page: “31CE”

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