Adhitz Ads Network For Advertisers - Adhitz Scam Review

Adhitz ads network for advertisers, adhitz scam review:
Adhitz is a pay per click website which is worth for advertisers and as well as publishers. You can find all the details about adhitz in this post. Adhitz ads network started on 2009 and present it is serving millions of ads with in its network websites. We are having some other benefits in adhitz ads network which we don’t find in other PPC websites.
So, if you are newbie and want to serve ads in your website then give first preference to adhitz and if you are an advertiser then it’s really worth for advertising in this website.

Adhitz ads network for advertisers:
When you observe other sites you will have CPC, CPM, CPV, CPA, but here you don’t have CPM or CPV in adhitz ads, they use only PPC and charges you very least rates when compared with other advertising networks. And you don’t find any keyword bidding in this website and it serves ads in a flat rate for all members. But you will find the rate difference based on geo location. If you advertise your ads in Asia then the rate will be only 0.03 per click and if you advertise ads for USA, UK, CANADA then its cpc is 0.14$. You can advertise text ads and as well as banner ads. You can choose different sizes of banner designs and you can find it in your account area. The other nice option in adhitz which you can’t find in other site, you can fund your account with minimum two dollars. Yes, you don’t need to fund your account with ten or fifty or hundred dollars. And you don’t need to add credit card or you don’t need to make any subscription with PayPal. Design your ad and fund your account with PayPal or payza. But remember one thing, if you use payza as your payment processor then you must fund with minimum six dollars. If you fund your account with PayPal then your minimum funding amount will be only two dollars. You can choose daily spending budget, total spending budget and geo location while designing your add. You can get all the detailed statistics in “Running Ads” section, you can see how many impressions you got upto now, and from which website you got how many impressions and from which websites you got clicks. Adhitz ads are providing all these details for advertisers in my running ads section. If your ad is expired you must create a new ad and you can’t continue the same ad again by funding money. You have two options to advertise, you can advertise your ads throughout adhitz network websites or you can choose particular website from their network. You can find each websites description, daily traffic, daily spend and next date of ad available in adhitz network websites section. If you choose a particular website, then your ad will appear in that site upto the time the amount limit crosses your budget and then after it will expire. While choosing particular website in adhitz ads network websites, you have two options to select again. You can select particular interval days of time and advertise your add (like one day, one week, one month) or you can choose as budget. If you choose days, then your ad will be removed after completing the time, if you select budget then it will stop showing ads after completing the amount and crosses your budget. If you are new to cpc websites then its good decision to make a try in adhitz ads network and you will learn how CPC sites work and how can you generate leads for your business by spending just little amount.

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